Thursday, September 05, 2013

Pretty Dark Nothing by Heather L. Reid

Book release: April 2013 
Date Started: August 2 2013
Date Finished: August 5 2013

Publisher: Month9books 

Summary/ Description: 

              Quinn has been dealing with her brutal visions for months now. Ever since her dad let, everything in her life was in chaos. She's been seeing dark shadows creeping and feeding on her sorrows. What's worse is her long time boyfriend Jeff, her only refuge cheated on her. Quinn is lost, her grades are slipping and everything about her life is a total mess. The only person who seemed to understand what she's going through is Aaron. A mysterious classmate of hers with a dark past. Now that Quinn and Aaron are getting closer her visions become more violent, soon she starts to question her sanity. Knowing that she's the only person that could see them, will this endless turmoil ever stop?

Reaction/ Review:

          I have to be honest, I expected more from Quinn's character. She concentrated on things that shouldn't matter, she knew she had to deal with her problems in school, her visions and etc but the only thing she did was worry about her former lover. She was constantly haunted by demons for pity's sake! she might as well try to worry about herself not her ex boyfriend. I have to admit, it was quite exhausting that she kept crying out for Jeff, and so on and so forth. I wanted more out of Quinn. I hoped her to be strong about her situation.I didn't like the fact that boyfriends were more important than school. That was quite a low blow for me. Jeff and Kirsten was the least of her worries. She has demons to face! She constantly said she didn't want Aaron to be lead on, but the problem is, she did lead him on. That was very immature of Quinn. She got back with her ex - boyfriend and did things that she shouldn't Quinn was weak, and I was very disappointed with her. Aaron on the other hand, was a Knight and Shining armor, he was ready to fight for Quinn no matter what the consequences are, and I liked his devotion.Quinn was never really thankful for all the things that Aaron did for her, that really bothered me a lot. Aaron was desperate to be accepted, but he had the knowledge to cope from his problems, the man is suicidal! but he knew that killing himself once again was not the answer. He knew someone needed him more, and it was admirable. 

            The sequence of the story was very well written, it was smooth, kudos to the author for doing a great job in that aspect. I found the plot itself very interesting. I couldn't stop reading, I was glued to the story. Pretty Dark Nothing is in the league of horror of the horror genre, it was intense and utterly frightening, the description of the shadows/ demons was vivid and thorough. It reminded me of the book "The Devouring by Simon Holt" I have to say, it was indeed scary! I was very intrigued by Quinn's visions, does she have this unknown power? is she some sort of witch? There were so many questions that boggled my mind. The Shadows, was a great mix, of evil and eviller. They were vicious and haunting. It was another fresh story from all the "Dystopian and Vampire" books nowadays. From the moment I read the first chapter, I just couldn't stop and it kept me wanting more, The  book was full of mysteries from Quinn's troubled life, and for some reason I even thought Kirsten was the demon, anyway, the book was full of sick twists, and supernatural phenomena's its a kind of book that will keep you at the edge of your seat. The only problem was the main character's development. I hoped for more, and maybe things will be better, I can't wait for the next book.

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